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My Liebig Collection

Update 2020 : the text here-under I wrote 13 years ago.  I am 65 now, still a happy family now busy with the Retirement sale … we moved now to an appartment and due to Corona are selling no more worldwide on fairs … sold the shop-house and sold the van … no mobile business anymore.   Just internet and shop-selling for our clientele traveling to Antwerp in Belgium.  Thanks for visiting us in past and in future.   The websites remain active : for the thematic cards

and  specialised for tradecards of international big Companies active 1870 to 1920

========2020 : personal info : grandson Jan 30 years, grandson Manu : 20 years now====================================

Something about myself : I will be 62 very soon and live hapily in Belgium with my wife Lieve (thats her name) and 2 daughters Ann and Els. We have 2 grandsons : JAN is 18 and MANU is now 6

I started my collection, aged 6 in 1950, and began with chocolat cards (which were very popular in Belgium at that time). At school, we exchanged them to complete the sets, which had to be glued in Disney albums
: cinderella, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Gulliver ... They were created by Walt Disney, printed for Biscuits De Beukelaer in my hometown Antwerp, and they were fantastic : my favorite was Sleeping Beauty.

Afterwards grandfather gave me my firsts tobaco insert cards; which he collected around 1900 ! My favorite were fancy dressed ladies, conquerors and Kings

My favorite trade cards or those given away by the LIEBIG EXTRACT OF MEAT COMPANY. As popularity and sales improved and the company grew for a 100 years, they edited and distributed more than 2000 sets of tradecards

I am in love with those old hard to find cards in all languages and full of collor.

I want to complete my LIEBIG collection, since I still miss spare sets and odd cards. This my priority for now

still missing

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