These 4 games are extremely old and in mint condition ... anno 1884 to 1890 approximatively, no cuts, all  are about 50cm X 40cm .... splendid Games of Goose .... they have all approximately similar dimensions

  1. Apegame has been folded, very minor signs of folding if opened) … 30 Euro
  2. Tramway game (folded, in original envelope) or (only a few)not folded (add 5$) … 30 Euro
  3. Cat and Mice (folded, with original envelope) … 30 Euro
  4. Harlequin (not folded) … 30 Euro

All together special price : sending included (free home) : EURO  100 .....  sending included  please decide before some are soldout, i bought them from the printersoffice were they were stocked for almost 100 years, i have a quantity .. but these will not be enough to suport worldwide demand .... money back guaranty if not delighted with this buy !! (they look far better in real as on those scans) ... ... go to my home-website and there you can see all my interests.  All these are approximately 30cm X 40 cm


apeLup.jpg (149848 bytes)apeRup.jpg (135053 bytes)

  apeLunder.jpg (146166 bytes)apeRunder.jpg (144297 bytes)fantastic apegame !


kat1.jpg (58453 bytes)    catgame, one corner enlarged here-under, true colors, 

original packing included  


 Tramway full size viewQvpc006.jpg (53726 bytes)here-under true colors

tramway1.jpg (149071 bytes)tramway2.jpg (144226 bytes)colors are WOW !!!!

  harlUp.jpg (140878 bytes)harlund.jpg (121104 bytes)

they are all to big for my scanner, thats why i had to brake pictures, use handscanner (please dont mind the colors of my digital photos, i know they are ugly ...) ... the real thing is fantastic, as you see

buite014.jpg (29662 bytes)liebi046.jpg (38988 bytes)

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This is a bigger one, approx 80cm X 62

from the BOERwar, South Africa ..... the English had sunburned necks and were called REDNECKS (rooinek) ...  or maybe this was just because of their uniform?

Excellent condition, also before 1900, sell at 175 Euro