Catalogs Liebig and Au Bon Marché

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  • as you know catalogues are always small limited editions
  • all these are second hand catalogues
  • when buying over 250 euros you get my latest catalogue FREE
  • only a few of each available
  • every card in every set has a description
  • each set represented by one card/more  photograph
  • condition of old catalogs is not always splendid (please ask explicit if you especially care for mint condition)
  • in the shop prices are less because we include , shipping & handling
  • difference between PRICELIST and CATALOGUE
  • only available in shop

COLLECTOMANIA Stenenbrug 14 - Antwerpen  - Borgerhout   2140   Belgium 

tel    0032 03 2365962

European Site : other languages Nederlands ... Français

VERY IMPORTANT :You will find all info on Liebig  sets using our online LIEBIG ( and others ) COLLECTOMANIA catalogues , a printed guide/pricelist are practible utilities you cannot miss (transportable,making notes,etc...)

this is 2008

price list,  Sanguinetti, latest new one : 2008

request a free copy in the shop ( if still available ) when buying over 250 euros … if not in stock anymore then you get my catalogue 2010 free






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